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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Chili's

Name Description Access Level
Cheese, Cheddar EXTRAS - Cheese, Cheddar  
Cheese, Provolone EXTRAS - Cheese, Provolone  
Cheese, Smoked Cheddar NOT "JUST" SIDES - Cheese, Smoked Cheddar  
Cheese, Swiss  
Cheeseburger KIDS - Cheeseburger  
Cheesecake SIDE DISHES - Cheesecake  
Cheesesteak Sandwich  
Cheesesteak Sandwich SANDWICHES w/Fries - Cheesesteak Sandwich  
Cheesesteak Sandwich w/ Fries LUNCH BREAK - Cheesesteak Sandwich w/ Fries  
Cheesy Bacon BBQ Chicken  
Chicken & Green Chile 3 Bowl  
Chicken Caesar Pita Sandwich  
Chicken Caesar Salad SALADS - Chicken Caesar Salad  
Chicken Club Tacos As Served  
Chicken Club Tacos (2)  
Chicken Crisper Bites Sandwich  
Chicken Crispers  
Chicken Crispers Side of BBQ Sauce  
Chicken Crispers Side of Honey Mustard  
Chicken Crispers Side of House BBQ Sauce  
Chicken Crispers Side of Ranch  
Chicken Crispers® w/ Honey Mustard As Served  
Chicken Crispy Taco (1 each) FRESH MEX - Tacos - Chicken Crispy Taco (1 each)  
Chicken Enchilada 2 Bowl  
Chicken Enchilada soup Bowl  
Chicken Enchilada soup cup  
Chicken Enchilada Soup, Bowl SOUPS & CHILI - Chicken Enchilada - Bowl  
Chicken Enchilada Soup, Cup SOUPS & CHILI - Chicken Enchilada - Cup  
Chicken Enchiladas FRESH MEX - Enchiladas - Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada Platter  
Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile Sauce FRESH MEX - Enchiladas - Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Platter  
Chicken Fajitas - w/o Tortillas and Condiments SOUTHWEST GRILL - Chicken Fajitas - w/o Tortillas and Condiments  
Chicken Fajitas - w/o Tortillas and Condiments - Lunch LUNCH BREAK - Chicken Fajitas - w/o Tortillas and Condiments  
Chicken Noodle soup Bowl  
Chicken Noodle soup cup  
Chicken Ranch Sandwich  
Chicken Tacos (2)  
Chicken Tortilla soup Bowl  
Chicken Tortilla soup cup  
Chicky Chicky Bleu Sandwich  
Chili's Ceasar Salad  
Chili's Chili Beef Burger  
Chili's House Salad without Dressing  
Chili's Philly & Curly Fries  
Chili's Secret Sauce Burger