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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Chili's

Name Description Access Level
Kids Coca Cola Zero  
Kids Corn Dog KIDS - Corn Dog  
Kids Cranberry Juice Can BEVERAGES - Kids - Cranberry Juice  
Kids Crispy Chicken Crispers KIDS - Crispy Chicken Crispers  
Kids Crispy Crispers  
Kids Diet Coke  
Kids Dr. Pepper  
Kids Float, Coca Cola  
Kids Float, Dr. Pepper  
Kids Frozen Lemonade - Blueberry  
Kids Frozen Lemonade - Regular  
Kids Frozen Lemonade - Strawberry  
Kids Grilled Cheese Sandwich KIDS - Grilled Cheese Sandwich  
Kids Grilled Chicken Dippers  
Kids Grilled Chicken Platter KIDS - Grilled Chicken Platter  
Kids Kraft Macaroni & Cheese KIDS - Kraft Macaroni & Cheese  
Kids Little Chicken Crispers KIDS - Little Original Chicken Crispers  
Kids Orange Juice Bottle BEVERAGES - Kids - Orange Juice  
Kids Pepperoni Pizza KIDS - Pizza - Pepperoni - 6 "  
Kids Side Celery Sticks without Dressing KIDS - Side Celery Sticks w/ Ranch  
Kids Side Citrus-Chile Rice  
Kids Side Corn Kernels KIDS - Side Corn Kernels  
Kids Side Corn on the Cob KIDS - Side Corn on the Cob  
Kids Side Fresh Pineapple KIDS - Side Fresh Pineapple  
Kids Side Homestyle Fries KIDS - Side Homestyle Fries  
Kids Side Mandarin Oranges KIDS - Side Mandarin Oranges  
Kids Side Mashed Potatoes without Gravy KIDS - Side Mashed Potatoes - w/o Gravy  
Kids Side Salad with Ranch KIDS - Side Salad w/ Low-Fat Ranch  
Kids Side Steamed Broccoli KIDS - Side Steamed Broccoli - plain  
Kids Side, Celery with Ranch  
Kids Sprite  
Kids, 2% Chocolate Milk BEVERAGES - Kids - Chocolate Milk  
Kids, 2% Milk BEVERAGES - Kids - Milk  
Lagunitas IPA, 10 fl oz  
Lagunitas IPA, 12 fl oz  
Lagunitas IPA, 16 fl oz  
Lagunitas IPA, 22 fl oz  
Lemon Drop Shot  
Lemonade BEVERAGES - Minute Maid Lemonade  
Light Beer, 10 fl oz  
Light Beer, 12 fl oz  
Light Beer, 16 fl oz  
Light Beer, 23 fl oz  
Lighter Choice 6 oz Classic Sirloin LIGHTER CHOICES - Lighter Choice 6 oz Classic Sirloin  
Lighter Choice 6 oz Classic Sirloin Combo MAKE IT A COMBO (listed without sides) - Lighter Choice 6 oz Classic Sirloin Combo