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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Cheecha

Name Description Access Level
Krackles - Classic Salt and Vinegar  
Krackles - Crispy Dill Pickle  
Krackles - Hickory & Bacon  
Krackles - Sizzling Mesquite BBQ  
Krackles - Sour Cream and Onion  
Krackles - Triple Nacho Cheese  
Potato Puffs - Luscious Lime  
Potato Puffs - Mediterranean Ginger  
Potato Puffs - Original  
Potato Puffs - Sea Salt & Vinegar  
Potato Puffs - Sea Salt and Pepper  
Potato Puffs, Sea Salted Caramel  
Puffs Potato Snack, Sea salt & Spiced Pepper  
Sea Salt & Vinegar Puff Snack  
Tomato Ketchup Puffs