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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Carvel Ice Cream

Name Description Access Level
Regular Waffle cone with vanilla  
Rockefeller Raspberry Smoothies small  
Sherbet 1 large cup Ice Cream  
Sherbet 1 regular cup Ice Cream  
Sherbet 1 small cup Ice Cream  
Sinful Love Bar  
Slice of Carvel Ice Cream Cake Ice Cream  
Small Cake cone with chocolate  
Small Cake cone with vanilla  
Small Sugar cone with chocolate  
Small Sugar cone with vanilla  
Small Waffle cone with chocolate  
Small Waffle cone with vanilla  
Sour Blue Raspberry Italian Ice small  
Sprinkle Cup  
Strawberry Italian Ice small  
Strawberry Shortcake  
Strawberry Sundae large  
Strawberry Sundae regular  
Thick Chocolate Shake small  
Thick Shake Float-Chocolate small  
Thick Shake Float-Strawberry small  
Thick Shake Float-Vanilla small  
Thick Strawberry Shake small  
Thick Vanilla Shake small  
Vanilla large cup Ice Cream  
Vanilla regular cup Ice Cream  
Vanilla small cup Ice Cream