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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Carvel Ice Cream

Name Description Access Level
98% Fat Free Flying Sauce (chocolate)  
98% Fat Free Flying Sauce (vanilla)  
Banana Barge  
Bananas Foster  
Berry Times Square Smoothies small  
Bittersweet Fudge Sundae large  
Bittersweet Fudge Sundae regular  
Broadway Banana Smoothies small  
Brown Bonnet  
Bubble Gum Italian Ice small  
Caramel Macchiato Freeze small  
Caramel Macchiato Freeze-Light small  
Caramel Sundae large  
Caramel Sundae regular  
Carvelanche (Butterfinger) small  
Carvelanche (Cake Mix) small  
Carvelanche (Cookies & Cream) small  
Carvelanche (M&M) small  
Carvelanche (Reese's) small  
Cherry Italian Ice small  
Cherry Italian Ice Swirl  
Chocolate large cup Ice Cream  
Chocolate regular cup Ice Cream  
Chocolate small cup Ice Cream  
Coffee Freeze - Light small  
Coffee Freeze small  
Cookie Dough Arctic Blender small  
Cookie Dough Arctic Blender-Light small  
Deluxe Flying Sauce (Sprinkles)  
Flying Sauce (Chocolate)  
Flying Sauce (Vanilla)  
Fried Ice Cream Arctic Blender small  
Fried Ice Cream Arctic Blender-Light small  
Fudge Brownie  
Guava Italian Ice small  
Hot Fudge Sundae large  
Hot Fudge Sundae regular  
Ice Cream Soda Float-Choc. Ice Cream and Soda Water small  
Ice Cream Soda Float-Chocolate Ice Cream and Coke small  
Ice Cream Soda Float-Van. Ice Cream and Soda Water small  
Ice Cream Soda Float-Vanilla Ice Cream and Coke small  
Kid Cake cone with chocolate  
Kid Cake cone with vanilla  
Large Cake cone with chocolate