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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Carl's Jr.

Name Description Access Level
100 Island Dressing  
American Cheese Large  
Bacon (2 slices)  
Bacon and Cheese  
Barg's Root Beer (Small)  
BBQ Sauce  
Blue Cheese Dressing  
Breakfast Burrito  
Breakfast Quesadilla  
Brocolli and Cheese  
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad  
Buffalo Ranch Dressing  
Buffalo Wing Sauce  
Burger, Turkey Burger  
Carl's Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich  
Carl's Catch Fish Sandwich  
Carl's Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich  
Carl's Western Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich  
Charbroilled BBQ Chicken Sandwich  
Charbroilled Chicken Club Sandwich  
Charbroilled Chicken Salad-To-Go  
Charbroilled Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich  
Chicken Breast Strips (3 pcs)  
Chicken Breast Strips (5 pcs)  
Chicken Star (6 pieces)  
Chicken Star (9 pieces)  
Chilli Burger  
Chilli Cheese Fries  
Chocolate Cake  
Chocolate Chip Cookie  
Chocolate Shake (Medium)  
Chocolate Shake (Small)  
Coca-Cola Classic (Small)  
Coffee (Large)  
Coffee (Regular)  
Criss Cut Fries  
Croissant Sunrise Sandwich No Meat  
Croissant Sunrise Sandwich with Bacon  
Croissant Sunrise Sandwich with Sausage  
Diet Coke (small)  
Double Sourdough Bacon Cheeseburger  
Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger  
Dr. Pepper (Small)  
Famous Star Hamburger