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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Cadbury

Name Description Access Level
Mini Eggs, Royal Dark Chocolate  
Mini Eggs, Solid Milk Chocolate  
Mini Eggs, Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs in a Crisp Candy Shell  
Mini Fingers Cookies Mini  
Mini Fingers Milk Chocolate Cookies  
Mini Fingers Toffee Crunch  
Mini Milk Chocolate Eggs  
Mini Snow Balls  
Mini Snow Balls  
Miniatures Milk Chocolate & Creamy Caramel  
Mint Flavoured Milk Chocolate  
Mint Triple Decker Dairy Milk Chocolate  
Mint Twirl  
Moist Chocolate Cake Mix  
Mr. Big Minis  
Mr. Big Minis Candy  
Mr.Big Bars  
Neapolitan Dairy Milk Chocolate  
North Pole Chocolate  
Occasions Biscuit Assortment  
Old Gold Dark Chocolate  
Old Gold Dark Chocolate, Original  
Old Jamaica Rum N Raisin Old Gold Dark Chocolate  
Orange Cookie Segments  
Oreo Candy Biscuit  
Peppermint Dairy Milk Chocolate  
Peppermint Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar  
Picnic Bar  
Picnic Chocolate Bar  
Raspberry & Hazelnut Tart Dairy Milk Chocolate  
Raspberry Creme  
Roast Almond Chocolate Bar  
Roast Almond Dairy Milk Chocolate  
Roses, Assortment of Milk & Dark Chocolates  
Royal Dark Chocolate Bar  
Royal Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel  
S'mores Dairy Milk Chocolate  
Salted Caramel Almonds Plant Bar  
Salted Caramel Caramilk  
Screme Egg  
Screme Egg  
Screme Egg Milk Chocolates  
Selection Cookie Assortment  
Shimmer Mini Eggs Milk Chocolate  
Shimmer Mini Eggs Milk Chocolate