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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in C&W

Name Description Access Level
Almond Beans, Tiny Whole W/Sliced Almonds Tiny Whole W/Sliced Almonds  
Artichoke Hearts  
Artichoke Hearts (8 oz)  
Asparagus Spears (8 oz)  
Asparagus, Spears Spears  
Baby Lima Beans, Petite Petite  
Beans, French Cut French Cut  
Beans, Petite Whole Petite Whole  
Broccoli Florets (14 oz)  
Broccoli Florets (28 oz)  
Broccoli, Florets Florets  
Chopped Baby Spinach  
Chopped Baby Spinach (16 oz)  
Chopped Spinach (10 oz)  
Corn, Early Harvest Supersweet Petite Early Harvest Supersweet Petite  
Corn, Petite White Petite White  
Cut Italian Green Beans (14 oz)  
Diced Butternut Squash (16 oz)  
Early Harvest Petite Peas (No Salt Added) (16 oz)  
Early Harvest Supersweet Petite Corn (16 oz)  
Edamame Soybeans in the Pod (16 oz)  
French Cut Green Beans (16 oz)  
Green Beans, Cut Italian Cut Italian  
Mixed Vegetables, Ultimate Petite Ultimate Petite  
Onions, Petite Whole Petite Whole  
Parisienne Carrots (14 oz)  
Peas Petite, W/Pearl Onions W/Pearl Onions  
Peas, Petite Petite  
Peas, Sugar Snap Sugar Snap  
Pepper Strips  
Pepper Strips (14 oz)  
Petite Baby Lima Beans (14 oz)  
Petite Brussels Sprouts  
Petite Brussels Sprouts (16 oz)  
Petite Peas  
Petite Peas (16 oz)  
Petite Peas (2 lb)  
Petite Peas with Pearl Onions (16 oz)  
Petite Peas, Early Harvest Corn, Baby Carrots & Sugar Snap Peas (14 oz)  
Petite Sweet Corn (16 oz)  
Petite White & Golden Corn (16 oz)  
Petite White Corn (16 oz)  
Petite White Corn (2 lb)  
Petite Whole Green Beans (14 oz)  
Petite Whole Green Beans (28 oz)