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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Butterfinger

Name Description Access Level
Chocolate Egg Pieces  
Chocolate Mini Bar  
Chocolates, Bell Shaped Jingles Bell Shaped Jingles  
Chocolates, Heart Shaped Heart Shaped  
Chocolates, Jingles Bell Shaped Jingles Bell Shaped  
Creme Egg  
Crisp Bar, Peanut Butter  
Crisp, King Size King Size  
Crisp, Miniatures Miniatures  
Crispety, Crunchety, Peanut Buttery Bar  
Crispety, Crunchety, Peanut Buttery Bites  
Crispety, Crunchety, Peanut-Buttery Bar  
Crispety, Crunchety, Peanut-Buttery Bar  
Dessert Toppers Bits  
Egg Shaped Chocolates, Nesteggs Nesteggs  
Frozen Dairy Dessert Bar, King Size  
Fun Size  
Fun Size Bars  
Heart Shaped Pieces, in Milk Chocolate  
Ice Cream Bar  
Ice Cream, Light  
Jingles Milk Chocolate, with Butterfinger Pieces  
Milk Chocolate with Butterfinger Pieces  
Milk Chocolate, Skull  
Milk Chocolate, Skulls, 6 Pack  
Milk Chocolate, With Butterfinger Pieces 1.2 Oz Eggs With Butterfinger Pieces 1.2 Oz Eggs  
Mini Bars  
Mini Butterfinger Bar  
Miniatures, Christmas Christmas  
Minis Crispety, Crunchety, Peanut- Buttery  
Nest Eggs  
Nest Eggs  
Nest Eggs Pieces Milk Chocolate  
Nest Eggs, Egg Shaped Chocolates Egg Shaped Chocolates  
Peanut Butter bar, Fun Size  
Peanut Butter Bar, Fun Size  
Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars, Minis  
Peanut Butter Crisp  
Peanut Butter Crisp Bar  
Peanut Butter Cups  
Peanut Butter Cups