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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Bruegger's

Name Description Access Level
Turkey TOPPINGS - Turkey  
Turkey / Plain Bagel  
Turkey Chipotle Club / Honey Wheat Sandwiches - Signature & Classic Sandwiches - Turkey Chipotle Club / Honey Wheat  
Turkey Chipotle Club on Everything Bagel  
Turkey Chipotle Club Sandwich on Wheat Bread SANDWICHES - Turkey Chipotle Club / Wheat Bread  
Turkey in the Slaw on Wheat Bread  
Turkey Sandwich on Honey Wheat Bread SANDWICHES - Turkey / Honey Wheat  
Turkey Sandwich on Plain Bagel SANDWICHES - Turkey / Plain Bagel  
Turkey Sausage TOPPINGS - Turkey Sausage  
Turkey Toscana / Hearty White Hot Panini Hot panini - SAN - PAN - Turkey Toscana / Hearty White  
Turkey, Artichoke, Mozzarella Panini on Ciabatta SANDWICHES - Turkey, Artichoke, Mozz / Ciabatta  
Twice Baked Hash Brown  
Vanilla Flavored Syrup BEVERAGES - Vanilla Flavored Syrup  
Vermont Maple Bagels & Cream Cheese - Vermont Maple  
Vermont Maple Cream Cheese (seasonal) CREAM CHEESE - Vermont Maple (seasonal)  
Western Egg Sandwich on Plain Bagel SANDWICHES - Western / Plain Bagel  
Wetern Egg Sandwich with Fresh Cracked Egg on Plain Bagel SANDWICHES - Western - Fresh Cracked Egg / Plain Bagel  
Wheat Bread BAGELS & BREADS - Wheat Bread  
Wheatberry Bread  
Whipped Plain Cream Cheese  
White Chicken Chili Soup SOUPS - White Chicken Chili  
White Chicken Chili Soup, 12 oz  
White Chicken Chili Soup, 8 oz  
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie  
White Wrap BAGELS & BREADS - White Wrap  
Whole Egg Patty Toppings - Egg Patties & Omelets - Whole Egg Patty  
Whole Wheat Bagel  
Whole Wheat Bagel BAGELS & BREADS - Whole Wheat  
Whole Wheat Softwhich  
Whole Wheat Wrap Bread