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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Bruegger's

Name Description Access Level
Poppy Bagel BAGELS & BREADS - Poppy  
Poured Orange Juice, 16 oz BEVERAGES - Poured Orange Juice  
Pretzel Bagel  
Pretzel Bagel (seasonal) BAGELS & BREADS - Pretzel Bagel (seasonal)  
Primo Pesto Chicken Panini on Ciabatta SANDWICHES - Primo Pesto Chicken / Ciabatta  
Provolone Cheese TOPPINGS - Provolone Cheese  
Pumpernickel BAGELS & BREADS - Pumpernickel  
Pumpernickel Bagel  
Pumpernickel Bagel  
Pumpkin Bagels & Cream Cheese - Pumpkin  
Pumpkin Bagel  
Pumpkin Bagel Bagels & Breads - Bagels - Pumpkin Bagel  
Pumpkin Bagel (seasonal) BAGELS & BREADS - Pumpkin (Seasonal) 4.1 oz  
Pumpkin Cream Cheese (seasonal) CREAM CHEESE - Pumpkin (seasonal) 1.5 oz  
Pumpkin Spread  
Radishy Roast Beef / Asiago Softwich  
Ranch Dressing SALADS & DRESSINGS - Ranch  
Ranch Dressing  
Red Wine Vinaigrette Salad Dressings - Red Wine Vinaigrette  
Rio Grande with bacon / Whole Wheap Wrap  
Rio Grande with Bacon/Wrap Sandwiches - Breakfast Sandwiches - Rio Grande with Bacon/Wrap  
Rio Grande with ham / Whole Wheap Wrap  
Rio Grande with Ham/Wrap Sandwiches - Breakfast Sandwiches - Rio Grande with Ham/Wrap  
Rio Grande with sausage / Whole Wheap Wrap  
Rio Grande with Sausage/Wrap Sandwiches - Breakfast Sandwiches - Rio Grande with Sausage/Wrap  
Roadhouse Chicken / Ciabatta  
Roast Beef TOPPINGS - Roast Beef  
Roast Beef / Plain Bagel  
Roast Beef Cheddar Melt Panini on Ciabatta SANDWICHES - Roast Beef Cheddar Melt / Ciabatta  
Roast Beef Sandwich on Hearty White Bread SANDWICHES - Roast Beef / Hearty White  
Roast Beef Sandwich on Plain Bagel SANDWICHES - Roast Beef / Plain Bagel  
Roasted Red Peppers TOPPINGS - Roasted Red Peppers  
Roma Roast Beef / Hearty White Sandwiches - Signature & Classic Sandwiches - Roma Roast Beef / Hearty White  
Roma Roast Beef Sandwich on Wheat Bread SANDWICHES - Roma Roast Beef / Wheat Bread  
Rosemary Olive Oil Bagel  
Rosemary Olive Oil Bagel BAGELS & BREADS - Rosemary Olive Oil  
Rye Bagel Bagels - BGL - Rye  
Salmon TOPPINGS - Salmon  
Salt Bagel  
Salt Bagel BAGELS & BREADS - Salt  
Santa Fe Turkey / Whole Wheat Wrap  
Sausage TOPPINGS - Sausage  
Sesame Bagel  
Sesame Bagel BAGELS & BREADS - Sesame Bagel