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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Boston Market

Name Description Access Level
Sweet Corn, Kid's Side  
Sweet Garlic Viniagrette  
Sweet Garlic Viniagrette (1.5oz)  
Sweet Heat Apple Rotisserie Chicken - Half Chicken  
Sweet Heat Apple Rotisserie Chicken - Quarter Dark (1 Thigh & 1 Drumstick)  
Sweet Heat Apple Rotisserie Chicken - Quarter White  
Sweet Heat Apple Rotisserie Chicken - Three Piece Dark (2 Thighs & Drumstick)  
Sweet Heat Apple Rotisserie Chicken - Three Piece Dark (Thigh & 2 Drumsticks)  
Sweet Potato Casserole  
Sweet Potato Casserole Our sweet potatoes are slowly cooked, mashed, and mixed with spices and brown sugar. Sprinkled with an oatmeal streusel and mini marshmallows.  
Sweet Potato Casserole, Kid's Side  
Sweet Thai Chili Garlic (Bowl)  
Sweet Thai Chili Garlic (medium hot) a traditional Thai sauce with chilies, rice wine vinegar and sugar.  
Swiss Cheese  
Tartar Sauce (Packet)  
Three Cheese Blend  
Tortilla Crusted Fish Fillet  
Tortilla Strips  
Tortilla Strips (soup)  
Turkey & Cheddar Slider  
Turkey (Kids)  
Turkey Breast (Bowl)  
Turkey Breast - Large Our turkey breast is slow roasted and marinated to bring out its full, delicious flavor. Hand carved and served with steaming poultry gravy.  
Turkey Breast - Regular Our turkey breast is marinated and slow roasted to capture all the natural goodness & flavor. Hand carved & served with hot poultry gravy.  
Turkey Breast Medallions  
Turkey Breast Medallions  
Turkey Pot Pie A savory blend of roasted turkey, tender vegetables, and a rich cream sauce, all covered by a flaky, delicious crust. Served with cornbread only. Add a side for an additional charge.  
Turkey Tortilla Soup (limited availability)  
Turkey Tortilla Soup, Kid's Side (limited availability)  
Turkey Tortilla Soup, no toppings (limited availability)  
Turkey Wrap (limited availability)  
Vegetarian Bowl  
Vegetarian Sandwich (catering only)  
Vegetarian Sandwich - no squash (catering only)  
White Artisan Roll  
White Chicken (Kids) - 1 Breast & 1 Wing  
Zesty Barbecue (mild) Our signature BBQ sauce with molasses, brown sugar and pit spices are mixed to create a perfect balance of sweet & spicy  
Zesty BBQ Sauce (Bowl)