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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Beans and Brews Coffee House

Name Description Access Level
B&B Frappe  
Brewed Coffee  
Cafe Breve  
Cafe Latte (Skim Milk)  
Cafe Latte (Whole Milk)  
Cafe Mocha, Dark (drip)  
Cafe Mocha, Dark (espresso)  
Cafe Mocha, White (drip)  
Cafe Mocha, White (espresso)  
Cappuccino (Skim Milk)  
Cappuccino (Whole Milk)  
Caramel Cielo  
Caramel Sauce (reg)  
Caramel Sauce (sugar free)  
Copper Freeze  
Espresso Float  
Eye Opener  
Flavored Syrup (reg)  
Flavored Syrup (sugar free)  
Frozen Latte  
Frozen Mocha (Dark)  
Frozen Mocha (White)  
Fruit Tea Smoothie  
Hot Chai  
Hot Cocoa (Dark)  
Hot Cocoa (White)  
Iced Breve  
Iced Chai  
Iced Coffee  
Iced Espresso Mocha  
Iced Latte (Skim Milk)  
Iced Latte (Whole Milk)  
Iced Mocha  
Iced Tea  
Italian Soda  
Light Iced Mocha  
Mochaccino (Dark)  
Mochaccino (White)  
Mr. B's  
Tan Iced Mocha  
Whipped Cream