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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Bar Louie

Name Description Access Level
2 Alarm Chili Bowl  
Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Grill  
Back Yard BBQ Burger  
Back Yard BBQ Burger, Base  
Back Yard BBQ Burger, with Grilled Chicken  
Back Yard BBQ Burger, with Turkey Patty  
Back Yard BBQ Burger, with Veggie Patty  
Bacon and Egg Sandwich  
Bagel with Cream Cheese  
BBQ Chicken Pizza  
BBQ Chicken Salad  
BBQ Meatloaf Sliders  
BBQ Pork Nachos  
BBQ Pork Pizza  
BBQ Pork Ribs  
BBQ Pork Sliders  
BBQ Pulled Pork  
Black Angus Burger  
Black Angus Burger, Base  
Black Angus Burger, with Grilled Chicken  
Black Angus Burger, with Turkey Patty  
Black Angus Burger, with Veggie Patty  
Black Beans and Rice  
Blackened Ahi Tuna Bites  
Blackened Chicken Plate  
Blackened Fish  
Blackened Fish Po Boy  
Blackened Salmon  
Blackened Salmon Salad  
Blackened Salmon Sandwich  
BLTT Sandwich  
Blue Louie Burger  
Blue Louie Burger, Base  
Blue Louie Burger, with Grilled Chicken  
Blue Louie Burger, with Turkey Patty  
Blue Louie Burger, with Veggie Patty  
Breakfast Potatoes  
Bruschetta, with Crab  
Bruschetta, with Shrimp  
Buffalo Calamari  
Buffalo Chicken Pizza  
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich  
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Base