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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Baja Fresh

Name Description Access Level
Side, Rice & Pinto Beans  
Six Chile Salsa Crema  
Six Chiles Salsa  
Smokey Queso Fundido SIDES - Smoky Queso Fundido  
Snickerdoodle Cookie  
Sour Cream  
Sprite High Yield, 20 oz  
Sprite High Yield, 32 oz  
Sprite Zero, 20 oz  
Sprite Zero, 32 oz  
Sprite, 20 oz  
Sprite, 32 oz  
Steak SIDES - Steak - Sides  
Steak - Diablo Burrito BURRITOS - Steak - Diablo Burrito  
Steak - Grande Nachos FAVORITES - Steak - Grande Nachos  
Steak - Nacho Burrito BURRITOS - Steak - Nacho Burrito  
Steak Fajitas with Mix Tortillas FAJITAS - Steak w/ Mix Tortillas  
Steak w/Corn Tortillas  
Steak w/Flour Tortillas Fajitas  
Steak w/Mixed Tortillas  
Tortilla Chips (1.5 oz.) SIDES - 1.5 oz side of Tortilla Chips  
Tortilla Chips (5 oz.) SIDES - 5 oz side of Tortilla Chips  
Tortilla Soup FAVORITES - Tortilla Soup w/o Chicken  
Tortilla Strips  
Tostada Salad Breaded Fish  
Tostada Salad Charbroiled Chicken  
Tostada Salad Charbroiled Fish  
Tostada Salad Charbroiled Shrimp  
Tostada Salad Charbroiled Steak  
Tostada Salad No Meat  
Tostada Salad Savory Pork Carnitas  
Tostada Salad, Black Beans  
Tostada Salad, Carnitas & Black Beans SALADS - Carnitas - Tostada  
Tostada Salad, Carnitas & Pinto Beans  
Tostada Salad, Chicken & Black Beans SALADS - Chicken - Tostada  
Tostada Salad, Chicken & Pinto Beans  
Tostada Salad, Grilled Wahoo SALADS - Grilled Wahoo - Tostada  
Tostada Salad, Pinto Beans SALADS - No Meat - Tostada  
Tostada Salad, Shrimp & Black Beans SALADS - Shrimp - Tostada  
Tostada Salad, Shrimp & Pinto Beans  
Tostada Salad, Steak & Black Beans SALADS - Steak - Tostada  
Tostada Salad, Steak & Pinto Beans  
Tostada Salad, Veggie & Black Beans  
Tostada Salad, Veggie & Pinto Beans