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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Annie's Homegrown

Name Description Access Level
Skillet Meal Mix, Cheesy Lasagna Organic; add ground beef or vegetarian alternative  
Skillet Meal Mix, Chicken Alfredo Pasta Organic; add chicken or vegetarian alternative  
Skillet Meal Mix, Tuna Noodle Casserole Organic; add tuna or vegetarian alternative  
Skillet Meals, Cheddar & Herb Chicken Cheddar & Herb Chicken  
Skillet Meals, Cheeseburger Macaroni Cheeseburger Macaroni  
Skillet Meals, Creamy Tuna Spirals Creamy Tuna Spirals  
Snack Crackers, Cheddar Bunnies  
Snack Crackers, Cheddar Bunnies 12 Oz Cheddar Bunnies 12 Oz  
Snack Kit, Hummus & Crackers  
Snack Mix, Cheddar  
Snack Mix, Cheddar  
Snack Mix, Cheddar Organic 9 Oz Cheddar Organic 9 Oz  
Snack Mix, Organic Pizza Snack Mix Organic Pizza Snack Mix  
Snack Mix, Organic, Organic Cheddar Snack Mix Organic Cheddar Snack Mix  
Snack Mix, Organic, Organic Traditional Party Mix Organic Traditional Party Mix  
Snicker Doodle Bunny Cookies, Cinnamon Sugar Snicker Doodle  
Snickerdoodle, Cinnamon Sugar  
Soft Crustless Sandwich, Pea B&J Pockets  
Sour Bunnies Bunny Fruit Snacks, Cherry, Lemon & Orange  
Sour Cream & Onion Bunnies Sour Cream & Onion  
Spaghetti & Meatballs, Canned P'Sghetti Loops w/Vegetarian ''Meatballs''  
Spaghetti Bernie-o's, Canned Organic  
Spaghetti Pasta, Dry Organic  
Spaghetti, Whole Wheat Whole Wheat  
Spirals with Butter & Parmesan Spirals W/Butter & Parmesan Mac & Cheese  
Spirals with Butter & Parmesan  
Star Pasta & Chicken Soup  
Star Pasta & Chicken Soup  
Strawberry Fruit Bites  
Strawberry Fruit Bites Organic Strawberry 5-0.63 Oz Pouches  
Strawberry,Raspberry,& Apple Organic Fruit Snacks  
Sugar Cookie Mix  
Summer Strawberry Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks  
Super Cheesy Cheddar Bunnies Baked Snack Crackers  
Three Cheese, Mini Pizza Bagels  
Tomato Soup  
Uncured Pepperoni Mini Pizza Bagels  
Uncured Pepperoni, Mini Pizza Bagels  
Vanilla Sugar Cookie  
Variety Snack Packs  
Vegan Elbows & Creamy Sauce Rice Pasta Dinner  
Vegetable Soup with Farm-Shaped Pasta  
White Cheddar Bunnies  
White Cheddar Bunnies