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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Ambrosia

Premier Ambient Products (UK) Ltd

Name Description Access Level
Amma's Mediterranean Mix  
Apple Slices  
Apple Slices  
Banana Maple French Toast Plant Protein  
Chocolate Flavored Bark Coating  
Chunk Light Tuna, in Water  
Creamed Rice  
Custard, Devon Devon  
Devon Custard  
Devon Custard  
Devon Custard  
Devon Custard  
Devon Custard  
Devon Rice Pudding  
Diced Pears In Juice  
Fruit Symphony Nektar Organ Support Superfood  
Fuerte Super MCT Dietary Supplement  
Kinetic, Mushroom Enhanced Pre-Workout Dietary Supplement  
Mint Cacao Plant Protein  
Orange Juice  
Peanut Butter Banana Plant Protein  
Pineapple Tidbits  
Plant Protein Strawberry Shortcake  
Plant Protein, Sprinkle Cupcake  
Planta Blueberry Scone Plant Protein  
Planta Plant Protein  
Planta Plant Protein Cacao Dietary Supplement  
Planta Plant Protein Peanut Butter Cup  
Planta Plant Protein, Banana Maple French Toast  
Planta Plant Protein, Peanut Butter & Jelly  
Planta Plant Protein, Unflavored  
Rice Pudding, Devon Devon  
Ripe Olives, Sliced  
Semi-Sweet All Natural Chocolate Chips  
Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips  
Sliced Pineapple  
Sliced Ripe Olives  
The Irresistible Apple  
White Bark Coating  
White Solid Albacore Tuna in Water  
Yellow Cling Peach Halves in Light Syrup