The personalized approach to reaching your fitness goals.

Work out anytime, anywhere with the Fitstar™ Personal Trainer app on your phone, tablet or computer.

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Find your fit in a whole new way.

  • Personalized Training

    Get a routine designed perfectly for you with tailored workouts that adjust based on your feedback and evolve as your fitness progresses.

  • Guided Coaching

    Expert trainers share tips and demonstrations to help keep your form tight and ensure you’re making the most of each workout.

  • Convenient Workouts

    Exercise on your own time with sessions that last anywhere from 7 to 60 minutes and are delivered right to your computer or mobile device.

  • Tailored Recommendations

    Based on your Fitbit activity, Fitstar recommends specific workouts to balance your routine and help you progress to the next level.

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The fitness routine that’s tailored perfectly for you.


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Fitbit 2-Year Protection Plan with Accidental Damage Coverage


  • Coverage: Covers damage from accidents like drops, spills, cracked screens from Day 1 and mechanical and electrical breakdowns after the Fitbit manufacturer warranty.
  • Protection Length: 2 years
  • Deductible Fee: per claim
  • Perks: 24/7 phone and online support, free shipping
  • Contract Delivery: Email
  • Cancellation: Cancel anytime—full refund if cancelled within the first 45 days of purchase

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