Download and Installation Instructions

Step 3 Set up your account and device

  1. Once you install the software, a setup process should start, and a screen like the one below should appear. This will guide you through a process to set up an account and connect your tracker to the account.

    The first screen (below) lets you set up a new account on, or log in if you already have one. NOTE: If you have already connected a tracker, and are now setting up a replacement - use the account you already have. You do not need to set up a new one.

  2. If the account set-up screen pictured above does not appear, right-click on the Fitbit Service Manager icon in the Windows Tray and choose Account Setup:

  3. Next, you will be asked for personal details — these help us fine tune the accuracy of your fitness statistics. For example, your height and weight plus your stride length affect how many calories you're burning when you walk.

    We do not share this data with outside parties.

  4. Once you click Next on the screen above, a screen will appear (pictured below) asking you to plug in the base station and then put your device onto the base station.

    Wait for the battery indicator to appear (it might look empty). It will then disappear. Once it disappears, press the button on the device, then release it.

    The device screen should show a number (from 1-5 digits long). Remember this number, then click Ready:

  5. The Pairing screen (below) will ask you for the number displayed on your device. Enter it and click Next.

    If you see a message saying Tracker not found, try lifting the Fitbit tracker off of your base station, leave it off for one full second, and then place it back onto the base station. Press the device's button again. You can try this several times if pairing does not work immediately.

    If your Tracker is still not found, there may be an issue with the base station. You can for help our troubleshoot yourself by first checking your computer's Service Manager to see if the base station is connected and the software is running properly. If you don't know what the Service Manager is, this section of our full product manual will guide you.

  6. Your set-up should now be complete! Click the link in the screen below to continue to the Fitbit website, where you can track you steps, calories burned, and log sleep and food.