Download and Installation Instructions

Step 2 Install the software

  1. Locate the downloaded file in the Finder. The disk image will look similar to the icon below. Double-click it to begin:

  2. The window below should appear. When it does, double-click to launch the installer:

  3. On the installer's first screen, click Continue:

  4. First it will ask you to agree to the license terms. Then click Continue:

  5. When this screen appears, click Agree:

  6. Select where to save the software on your computer, and click Continue:

  7. When this screen appears, click Install:

  8. Installation will begin and a you will see status messages updating:

  9. When the install process is complete you will see the message below. You can click Close:

    Next, your account and device set-up process should start automatically in a separate screen. If you don't see a new screen, locate the Fitbit application on your computer and double-click it to start.