Download and Installation Instructions

Step 2 Set up your account and device

  1. Open the file from the saved location to see a brief overview of the scale setup process. At this point make sure you have the scale and your computer together, ideally within 15 feet of your Wi-Fi router.

  2. If you are an existing Fitbit member, click the link "Log in to your account". Fill in your Fitbit email and password, then click "log in". If you are not already a member, create an account by providing a valid email and password, then click "Sign up".

  3. Use the provided fields to fill in your personal information. The information that we collect will be used to customize your Fitbit experience and is required for your scale to properly identify you. The information that you provide is completely confidential.

  4. Personalize your scale by providing a scale name and your initials, then click "Next". The scale name will come in handy should you ever own more than one scale. The initials are used to identify you if there are multiple people who join the scale.

  5. Connect to your Wi-Fi network. The client may suggest your current Wi-Fi network. Provide the appropriate password then click "Yes". If the suggested network is not desired, click "No" and select from the list of visible networks that are in range. Input the network password and click "Connect". If your network is hidden, select "Add a network".

  6. Place your scale into setup mode by pulling the small tab protruding out of the battery compartment on the bottom of the scale. If done properly, "SETUP ACTIVE" will display on the LCD display of the scale. If the tab on the scale has already been removed and the scale does not display "SETUP ACTIVE", open the battery compartment door and remove one battery, wait 10 seconds, then replace the battery and close the battery compartment.

  7. Watch the onscreen client messages. It will connect to your Wi-Fi, then connect to the scale and send your network information. The scale will look for your Wi-Fi network then link to the Fitbit server. During the setup process, the scale display will also show status messages - you can just focus on the set up client messages.

    Step 1. Connecting to the scale.

  8. Step 2. Sending your Wi-Fi information to the scale.

  9. Step 3. Switching back to your Wi-Fi network.

  10. Step 4. Waiting for confirmation from Fitbit.

  11. A success screen will appear, indicating that you have completed the setup process! Your scale is now ready to be used. If you have not yet, step on the scale and weigh yourself. Then visit to see your weight on the dashboard.