Heart Rate Technology

Continuous, automatic heart rate tracking right on your wrist—only from Fitbit.

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The Perks of PurePulse

Get more benefits with every beat—without an uncomfortable chest strap.

  • Measure
    Calorie Burn

    Better track calorie burn all day and during exercise to stay in control of your weight.

  • Maintain

    Check real-time heart rate to ensure you’re giving the right amount of intensity during workouts.

  • Maximize

    Use simplified heart rate zones to tailor your workouts on the spot and make the most of training time.

  • Optimize

    See when your health is improving by analyzing your all-day and resting heart rate trends.

Learn how heart rate relates to fitness

How heart rate helps measure calorie burn & heart health

Your muscles need oxygen to burn calories and generate energy. Since exercise requires more energy, your heart beats faster to deliver more oxygen through the blood.

By measuring how fast your heart is beating, Fitbit trackers with PurePulse technology can more accurately gauge how many calories you’re burning.

As fitness improves, your heart becomes more efficient, and is able to pump more blood and oxygen to your muscles with every beat—which is why a decrease in resting heart rate suggests improved health.

Measure calorie
burn, better.

See calories burned 24/7 and during fitness activities like spin, elliptical and more.

Evaluate calorie burn over time or enter exercise mode to view calories burned during workouts.

Log your food in the Fitbit app to easily compare calories in vs. calories out.

Maintain intensity to make the most of workouts.

Check heart rate at a glance to gauge your effort and adjust workouts on the spot.

Set a target heart rate zone to ensure you're pushing yourself hard enough, but not overtraining.

See your time spent in each heart rate zone and review exercise summaries.

Tips to get the most of PurePulse™ during workouts

Maximize training with simplified heart rate zones.

Fat Burn: a moderate intensity zone to improve basic endurance and burn fat

Cardio: a high intensity zone that helps you improve cardio performance.

Peak: a maximum intensity zone used by those at higher fitness levels for interval and endurance training

*Talk to your doctor to learn which heart rate zones are right for you.

Optimize health with resting heart rate

Track resting heart rate on a day-to-day basis to optimize your health and exercise efforts.

Use resting heart rate as an indicator of your fitness level and overall cardiovascular health.

Follow your heart rate trends to track your progress over time.

Discover the heart rate revolution.

fitbit surge

When the heart beats, your capillaries expand and contract

PurePulse LED lights reflect off the skin to detect that change

Finely tuned algorithms are applied to measure heart rate automatically and continuously

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Comfortable design for wear during exercise, everyday activities, and sleep

fitbit blaze

Uses low-power battery
technology for longer life

Take home a tracker with heart.