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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Beans, Peas

Name Brand Description Access Level
Pinto Beans Meijer  
Pinto Beans Hurst's HamBeens  
Pinto Beans Genuardis  
Pinto Beans Vons  
Pinto Beans Safeway  
Pinto Beans  
Pinto Beans with Onion Luck's  
Pinto Beans with Pork Luck's  
Podded, Boiled, No Added Salt edible-podded, frozen, drained (10 oz pkg)  
Pork & Beans Campbell's  
Pork & Beans W/tomato Sauce Van Camp's  
Pork & Beans W/tomato Sauce Joan of Arc  
Pork & Beans W/tomato Sauce  
Premium Baby Green Beans Ruby Tuesday  
Premium Pinto Beans Ranch Style  
Purple Hull Pea Bush's  
Red Bean Joan of Arc  
Red Bean Bush's  
Red Bean Westbrae Natural Organic  
Red Bean  
Red Bean, Small Eden Foods Organic; kosher  
Red Beans Red Gold  
Red Beans, Louisiana Style S&W red beans, tomatoes & onions in a Cajun Style Sauce  
Red Kidney Baked Beans 16oz B&M  
Red Kidney Baked Beans 28oz B&M  
Red Kidney Bean, Boiled  
Red Kidney Bean, Dried, Raw  
Red Kidney Beans Roland  
Red Kidney Beans Vons  
Red Kidney Beans Safeway  
Red Kidney Beans  
Refried Bean can, includes USDA commodity  
Refried Beans Pace  
Refried Beans Hacienda Mexican Restaurants  
Refried Beans Rosarita  
Refried Beans  
Refried Beans W/roasted Chiles Kuner's  
Refried Beans W/sausage Old El Paso  
Refried Beans with Green Chilies, Vegan Amy's Kitchen Organic  
Refried Beans, Black, Lowfat, Vegetarian Bearitos Organic  
Refried Beans, Fat Free Old El Paso  
Refried Beans, Fat Free Bush's  
Refried Beans, Fat Free Taco Bell Grocery  
Refried Beans, Instant Fantastic Foods  
Refried Beans, Lowfat, No Added Salt, Vegetarian Bearitos Organic