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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Game and Other Meats

Name Brand Description Access Level
Squirrel, Raw  
Squirrel, Roasted yield from 1 lb raw, no bone  
Walrus Liver, Raw Alaskan Native  
Walrus Meat & Subcutaneous Fat Alaskan Native  
Walrus Meat, Dry Alaskan Native  
Walrus Meat, Raw Alaskan Native  
Water Buffalo, Raw  
Water Buffalo, Roasted yield from 1 lb raw, no bone  
Whale Blubber (bowhead) Alaska Native, subcutaneous fat  
Whale Eyes, Raw (beluga) Alaska Native  
Whale Liver, Raw (beluga) Alaska Native  
Whale Meat (fin Whale & Sei Whale)  
Whale Meat, Air-dried, Raw (beluga) Alaska Native  
Whale Meat, Raw (beluga) Alaska Native  
Whale, Bowhead, Muktuk Alaska Native, skin & subcutaneous fat  
Whale, Fatty Tissue, Pickled In Whey  
Whale, Flipper, Raw (beluga) Alaska Native  
Whale, Gray, Devilfish Meat Alaska Native