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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Sweeteners

Name Brand Description Access Level
Snow White Topping Sugar King Arthur Flour  
Stevia Natural Sweetener SweetLeaf  
Sticky Bun Sugar King Arthur Flour  
Sucralose No Calorie Sweetener Safeway  
Sugar Wendy's  
Sugar Hain Organic; kosher  
Sugar 'N Cinnamon Shakers Domino  
Sugar Blend For Baking, Splenda Splenda blend of Splenda and pure sugar  
Sugar Cane Natural, Sucanat Sucanat Organic; dehydrated cane juice; no chemical processing  
Sugar Cubes, Dots Domino pure cane sugar  
Sugar Dark Brown Safeway  
Sugar Dark Brown Vons  
Sugar Granulated Safeway  
Sugar Granulated Vons  
Sugar Light Brown Safeway  
Sugar Light Brown Vons  
Sugar Sticks Domino white granulated & Demerara Sugar  
Sugar Substitute DiabetiSweet sweetened w/Acesulfame-K  
Sugar Substitute, Aspartame NutraSweet  
Sugar Substitute, Aspartame Natrataste  
Sugar Substitute, Aspartame  
Sugar Substitute, Equal Equal  
Sugar Substitute, Equal, Lite Equal lower calorie, lower carb sweetener made w/real sugar  
Sugar Substitute, Splenda Splenda  
Sugar Substitute, Splenda  
Sugar Substitute, Splenda Splenda  
Sugar Substitute, Sugar Twin Sugar Twin  
Sugar Substitute, Sweet 'n Low Sweet 'N Low  
Sugar Substitute, Sweet 'n Low, Packet Sweet 'N Low  
Sugar Tablets, Crystal Domino  
Sugar, Brown  
Sugar, Brownulated Domino pure cane, light brown, granulated  
Sugar, Cubes C&H  
Sugar, Demerara, Rough Cut Cubes Roland  
Sugar, Granulated Domino  
Sugar, Granulated  
Sugar, Granulated Crystal  
Sugar, Granulated, Packet Domino  
Sugar, Maple 1.75 x 1.25 x 1/2''  
Sugar, Organic Domino  
Sugar, Powdered Hain Organic; kosher  
Sugar, Powdered unsifted  
Sugar, Powdered, Confectioner's Domino  
Sugar, Sucrose, White  
Sugar, Sucrose, White, Powder