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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Margarine, Margarine Substitutes

Name Brand Description Access Level
Margarine, Soft, Light Fleischmann's  
Margarine, Soft, Light Parkay  
Margarine, Soft, No Salt Fleischmann's  
Margarine, Soft, Olive Oil Fleischmann's  
Margarine, Soybean reg, hard, soybean (hydrogenated & reg)  
Margarine, Soybean & Corn+ reg, hard, soybean (hydrogenated), corn, cottonseed (hydrogenated)  
Margarine, Soybean & Cottonseed reg, soybean, soybean (hydrogenated), cottonseed (hydrogenated)  
Margarine, Soybean & Cottonseed+ reg, soybean (hydrogenated), cottonseed (hydrogenated), soybean  
Margarine, Soybean & Palm reg, hard, soybean (hydrogenated), palm (hydrogenated/reg)  
Margarine, Spread, 48% Fat, Tub  
Margarine, Spread, Nonfat, Tub  
Margarine, Spread, Soybean, 70% Fat soybean & soybean(hydrogenated)  
Margarine, Squeezable Parkay  
Margarine, Stick Fleischmann's original  
Margarine, Stick Blue Bonnet  
Margarine, Stick Land O' Lakes  
Margarine, Stick, Composite, 80% Fat W/salt 1'' sq, 1/3'' high  
Margarine, Stick, Composite, 80% Fat, Unsalted 1'' sq, 1/3'' high  
Margarine, Stick, Corn & Soy, 80% Fat include reg & hydrogenated corn & soybean oils  
Margarine, Stick, Light Fleischmann's  
Margarine, Stick, Light Blue Bonnet  
Margarine, Stick, No Salt Fleischmann's  
Margarine, Super Light Smart Beat lactose free  
Margarine, Table, 40%, Letta Letta  
Margarine, Table, 40%, Solbloma Solbloma  
Margarine, Table, Lina & Smyrill  
Margarine, Table, Olivia Olivia  
Margarine, Table, Plus Plus  
Margarine, Tub, Composite, 80% Fat W/salt  
Margarine, Tub, Composite, 80% Fat, Unsalted  
Margarine, Vegetable Oil & Hydrogenated Fish Oil  
Margarine, Vegetable, Fat 40%  
Margarine, Vegetable, Fat 65%  
Margarine, Vegetable, Fat 80%  
Margarine-butter Blend 60% corn oil margarine, 40% butter  
Margarine-like Shortening, Industrial soy (partially hydrogenated), cottonseed, & soy, principal use flaky pastries  
Margarine-like Spread Smart Balance 'Regular Buttery Spread'  
Margarine-like Spread  
Margarine-like Spread Smart Beat Super Light no saturated fat  
Margarine-like Spread, 40% Fat soybean (hydrogenated) & cottonseed (hydrogenated)  
Margarine-like Spread, 60% Fat tub, soybean (hydrogenated) & cottonseed (hydrogenated)  
Margarine-like Spread, 70% Fat liquid w/salt  
Margarine-like Spread, Light Smart Balance 'Light Buttery Spread'  
Margarine-like Spread, Nonfat liquid, salted  
Margarine-like Spread, Omega Plus Smart Balance w/plant sterols & fish oil