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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Beef, Pork, and Other Meats

Name Brand Description Access Level
Meatballs, Swedish Style Rosina  
Meatballs, Turkey Rosina  
Meatloaf Stouffer's  
Meatloaf & Whipped Potatoes Entree Lean Cuisine 'Comfort Classics'  
Meatloaf and Whipped Potatoes Lean Cuisine Contains: MILK, EGG, SOY, ANCHOVY, WHEAT INGREDIENTS.  
Meatloaf Entree Banquet  
Meatloaf Entree Michelina's/Lean Gourmet w/mashed potatoes & gravy  
Meatloaf Entree Healthy Choice 'Dinners' 1 meal  
Meatloaf Entree, Low Carb Atkins  
Meatloaf in Gravy Stouffer's  
Meatloaf Meal Banquet  
Meatloaf W/gravy Entree Weight Watchers Smart Ones 'Bistro Selections'  
Mediterranean Steak Bowl 360 Gourmet  
Mediterranean Steak Burrito 360 Gourmet  
Mediterranean Steak Quesadilla 360 Gourmet  
Mediterranean Steak Salad 360 Gourmet  
Mediterranean Steak Wrap 360 Gourmet  
Mild Beef & Bean Burrito with Green Chili Patio  
Minced Beef W/rice  
Minced Beef W/tomato Sauce  
Minced Beef W/vegetables  
Minced Beef, Meat Balls 1944  
Minced Meat Ball, Beef 1944  
Mini Corn Dogs Schwan's  
Mini Steak Schwan's  
Mini Trio Ruby Tuesday  
Mixed Grill Olive Garden  
Mongolian Beef Wegmans  
Mongolian Beef  
Mongolian Pork Wegmans  
Mushroom Roasted Beef Entree Healthy Choice 'Dinners' 1 meal  
Mushroom Swiss Chop'd Steak w/gravy Denny's  
NY Steamer Large Sub Firehouse Sub  
NY Steamer Medium Sub Firehouse Sub  
Old Fashione Beef Pot Roast Marie Callender's  
Old Fashioned Wieners Schwan's  
Organic Grass Fed Beef Patties Shiloh Farms  
Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef Shiloh Farms  
Organic Roast Beef- Applegate Deli Wegmans  
Oriental Beef, Frozen Lean Cuisine Stouffer's w/veg & rice  
Oriental Style Beef Entree Healthy Choice 'Flavor Adventures' 1 meal  
Oven Roasted Beef Lean Cuisine  
Oven Roasted Beef Burgundy Lean Cuisine Contains: MILK, SOY, WHEAT INGREDIENTS.  
Oven Roasted Beef Burgundy Entree Lean Cuisine 'Spa Cuisine Classics'