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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Beef, Pork, and Other Meats

Name Brand Description Access Level
Hook & Ladder Large Sub Firehouse Sub  
Hook & Ladder Medium Sub Firehouse Sub  
Hot & Spicy Beef Wegmans  
Hot & Spicy Pork Wegmans  
Hunan Beef & Broccoli Entree Lean Cuisine 'One Dish Favorites'  
Hunan Stir Fry with Beef Lean Cuisine Contains: SOY, WHEAT INGREDIENTS  
Indian Lamb Curry Dish 1944  
Italian Large Sub Firehouse Sub  
Italian Medium Sub Firehouse Sub  
Italian Pork Cutlets Wegmans  
Italian Sausage Marinara W/ Penne Pasta Betty Crocker 'Complete Meals'  
Italian Style Meatballs Schwan's  
Italian-Style Meatballs Eating Right  
Jumbo Rigatoni with Meatballs Lean Cuisine Contains: MILK, EGG, SOY, WHEAT INGREDIENTS.  
Kung Pao Beef with Peanuts Wegmans  
Lamb & Peas, Salted 1944 Saltkjot og baunir  
Lamb In Curry Sauce 1944  
Lamb W/bread Crumbs, Fried  
Lamb W/potatoes, Smoked 1944 Hangikjot og uppstufur  
Lasagna Mix Safeway  
Lean Mean Beef Chili Mel's Meals  
Lemon Pepper Pork Wegmans  
Lunch Bucket, Hearty Beef Stew Armour  
Mandarin Beef Lo Mein Entree Healthy Choice 'Complete Meals'  
Maple & Brown Sugar Glazed Ham Tyson  
Maple and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham Hormel  
Meat Balls Made From Minced Beef Hakkbollur  
Meat Balls, Lamb, Fried Farsbollur  
Meat Loaf Dinner Denny's  
Meat Loaf Dinner Entree Healthy Choice  
Meat Loaf Dinner, Frozen Banquet Extra Helping w/tomato sauce, potatoes, carrots in sauce  
Meat Loaf with Gravy Marie Callender's  
Meat Loaf, Lamb, Cooked  
Meatball (Entree) Wegmans Ready to cook  
Meatball Large Sub Firehouse Sub  
Meatball Medium Sub Firehouse Sub  
Meatballs Bernardi original beef meatball  
Meatballs Avanti's Italian Restaurant  
Meatballs (4) w/ Meat Sauce Avanti's Italian Restaurant  
Meatballs in Sauce Wegmans  
Meatballs in Sauce  
Meatballs, Homestyle Rosina  
Meatballs, Italian Style Rosina  
Meatballs, Lamb, Boiled Farsbollur sodnar  
Meatballs, Sausage Rosina