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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Syrups

Name Brand Description Access Level
Maple Syrup, Vermont, Butter Flavored, Sugar Free Maple Grove Farms  
Maple Syrup, Vermont, Sugar Free Maple Grove Farms  
Maple-Flavored Syrup Denny's  
Marionberry Syrup - Only Fruit Wax Orchards  
Mixed Berry Puree Blend Torani  
Mocha Frozen Coffee Blend Torani  
Orange syrup Torani  
Orange, Dairy Friendly Torani  
Organic Chocolate Syrup Ah!laska  
Organic Light Corn Syrup Wholesome Sweeteners  
Organic Low Glycemic Agave Syrup Melissa's  
Organic Pancake & Waffle Syrup Wholesome Sweeteners  
Orgeat (Almond) syrup Torani  
Original Maple Syrup Safeway  
Pancake Syrup Karo  
Pancake Syrup Hungry Jack microwaveable bottle  
Pancake Syrup table blends  
Pancake Syrup  
Pancake Syrup W/butter table blends  
Pancake Syrup, 15% Maple table blends, cane & maple  
Pancake Syrup, 2% Maple table blends w/added K  
Pancake Syrup, Butterlite Aunt Jemima butter flavored light syrup  
Pancake Syrup, Buttery Eggo  
Pancake Syrup, Country Kitchen Log Cabin Original  
Pancake Syrup, Country Kitchen Butter Log Cabin  
Pancake Syrup, Country Kitchen Light Log Cabin  
Pancake Syrup, Country Rich Aunt Jemima  
Pancake Syrup, Country Rich, Light Aunt Jemima  
Pancake Syrup, Diet table blends, lower calorie  
Pancake Syrup, Light Mrs. Butterworth's  
Pancake Syrup, Light Log Cabin reduced calorie syrup  
Pancake Syrup, Light Hungry Jack microwaveable bottle  
Pancake Syrup, Light Eggo  
Pancake Syrup, Original Eggo  
Pancake Syrup, Original Log Cabin  
Pancake Syrup, Original Aunt Jemima  
Pancake Syrup, Original Mrs. Butterworth's  
Pancake Syrup, Sugar Free Log Cabin  
Pancake Syrup, Sugar Free Smucker's  
Passion Fruit Syrup Yogurt Stop  
Passion Fruit syrup Torani  
Peach Puree Blend Torani  
Peach syrup Torani  
Peanut Butter Davinci Syrups The Human Bean  
Peanut Butter syrup Torani