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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Zatarain's

Name Description Access Level
New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice Family Size  
New Orleans Style Scampi Pasta Dinner Mix Scampi  
New Orleans Style Southern Barbecue Rice Mix  
New Orleans Style Spanish Rice Spanish  
New Orleans Style Spanish Rice  
New Orleans Style Wild Brown Rice Mix Wild Brown  
New Orleans Style Yellow Rice New Orleans Style Family Size  
New Orleans Style Yellow Rice Side Dish  
Olives, Cocktail Cocktail  
Olives, Jumbo Queen Jumbo Queen  
Olives, Jumbo Stuffed Jumbo Stuffed  
Olives, Pitted Pitted  
Olives, Pitted Pitted  
Olives, Stuffed Stuffed  
Olives, Stuffed Stuffed  
Onion Ring Batter  
Onion Ring Batter Mix, Crispy Southern Style Crispy Southern Style  
Pasta Bake, Zesty French Quarter Style Zesty French Quarter Style  
Pasta Dinner Mix, Alfredo Alfredo  
Pasta Dinner Mix, Four Cheese Four Cheese  
Pasta Dinner Mix, Gumbo Gumbo  
Pasta Dinner Mix, Jambalaya Jambalaya  
Pasta Dinner Mix, Southern Stroganoff Southern Stroganoff  
Pasta, Jambalaya Jambalaya  
Perfect White Rice, Ready-to-Serve! Ready-to-Serve!  
Pinto Bean Seasoning Mix  
Pinto Bean Seasoning Mix  
Pork & Rice Dinner  
Prepared Horseradish  
Prepared Horseradish  
Ready-to-Serve Blackened Chicken with Yellow Rice  
Ready-to-Serve Complete Meal, Jambalaya with Sausage Jambalaya with Sausage  
Ready-to-Serve Dirty Rice with Pork  
Ready-to-Serve Red Beans & Rice with Sausage  
Ready-To-Serve Southern Chicken Rice  
Ready-To-Serve Yellow Rice  
Red Bean & Rice with Sausage  
Red Bean Seasoning Mix  
Red Bean Seasoning Mix  
Red Beans & Rice  
Red Beans & Rice  
Red Beans & Rice w/ Sausage (Frozen Entree)  
Red Beans and Rice, New Orleans Style Reduced Sodium  
Red Beans and Rice, with Cheese with Cheese  
Reduced Sodium Dirty Rice