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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Yo crunch

Name Description Access Level
Greek Yogurt, Crispy Strawberry Pieces  
Lowfat Yogurt with Fun Toppings, Vanilla Reese's Pieces  
Lowfat Yogurt, Cookies n' Cream Lowfat, Cookies N' Cream  
Lowfat Yogurt, M&M's Milk Chocolate, Vanilla with other Natural Flavors  
Lowfat Yogurt, Vanilla M&M's  
Lowfat Yogurt, Vanilla Oreo Cookie Pieces  
Lowfat Yogurt, Vanilla with M&M's Lowfat, Vanilla  
Lowfat Yogurt, Vanilla, Cookies 'n Cream  
Oreo Cookie Pieces, M&M's Milk Chocolate Candies  
Oreo Cookies :N Cream Yogurt  
Oreo, Cookie Pieces, Cookies 'n Cream with Other  
Snickers With Pieces  
Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt, Chcocolate Chip Cookie Dough  
Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt, Mint Creme Oreo Cookie Pieces  
Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt, with Twix Pieces  
With Snickers Pieces Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt  
Yopa! Greek, Shortbread Cookie Pieces Lemon