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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in White Castle

Name Description Access Level
Strawberry Jam - Chicago, New York, Indianapolis & Louisville regions  
Strawberry Shake - Chicago region  
Strawberry Shake - Chicago region large  
Strawberry Shake - Chicago region medium  
Strawberry Shake - Chicago region small  
Strawberry Shake - Cincinnati region  
Strawberry Shake - Cincinnati region large  
Strawberry Shake - Cincinnati region medium  
Strawberry Shake - Cincinnati region small  
Strawberry Shake - Columbus region  
Strawberry Shake - Columbus region large  
Strawberry Shake - Columbus region medium  
Strawberry Shake - Columbus region small  
Surf & Turf - New Jersey, New York, Detroit, Cincinnati  
Surf & Turf Slider SLIDERS - Surf & Turf Slider  
Surf & Turf Slider w/ Cheese SLIDERS - Surf & Turf Slider w/ Cheese  
Sweet Potato Fries (New Jersey region) - Medium  
Sweet Potato Fries (New Jersey region) - Sack  
Sweet Potato Fries - Medium  
Sweet Potato Fries - Sack  
Tartar Sauce - 1 Container  
Tartar Sauce - 1 Packet CONDIMENTS - Tartar Sauce - 1 Packet  
Tartar Sauce - Chicago, Minneapolis, New Jersey & New York regions  
The Original SliderĀ® SLIDERS - The Original SliderĀ®  
Traditional Bun  
Traditional Bun SLIDERS - Traditional Bun  
Traditional Bun Sandwich Alteration  
Traditional Bun with Cheese SLIDERS - Traditional Bun with Cheese  
Traditional Bun with Cheese Sandwich  
Tropicana Orange Juice 1 box  
Vanilla Shake - Chicago region  
Vanilla Shake - Chicago region large  
Vanilla Shake - Chicago region medium  
Vanilla Shake - Chicago region small  
Vanilla Shake - Cincinnati region  
Vanilla Shake - Cincinnati region large  
Vanilla Shake - Cincinnati region medium  
Vanilla Shake - Cincinnati region small  
Vanilla Shake - Columbus region  
Vanilla Shake - Columbus region large  
Vanilla Shake - Columbus region medium  
Vanilla Shake - Columbus region small  
Vanilla Shake - large BEVERAGES - Vanilla Shake - large  
Vanilla Shake - medium BEVERAGES - Vanilla Shake - medium  
Vanilla Shake - New Jersey Region