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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Uncle Ben's

Name Description Access Level
Long Grain & Wild Rice, Herb Roasted Chicken Flavored Herb Roasted Chicken Flavored  
Long Grain & Wild Rice, Mushroom Recipe Mushroom Recipe  
Long Grain & Wild Rice, Original  
Long Grain & Wild Rice, Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil Flavored Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil Flavored  
Long Grain & Wild Rice, Sun-Dried Tomato Florentine Sun-Dried Tomato Florentine  
Long Grain & Wild Rice, Vegetable & Herb Vegetable & Herb  
Long Grain & Wild-Roasted Chicken Flavour  
Long Grain Rice  
Long Grain Rice  
Long Grain Rice, Original  
Long Grain Rice, Original  
Long Grain Rice, Original Original  
Melange de 7 Grains Medley  
Mexican Style Bowl, Beef Fajita, Medium Beef Fajita, Medium  
Mexican Style Bowl, Southwest Style Chicken, Medium Southwest Style Chicken, Medium  
Mexican Style Rice  
Mini Bowl, Beef Taco Ole Beef Taco Ole  
Mini Bowl, Cheeseburger Supreme Cheeseburger Supreme  
Mini Bowl, Cheesy Mac & Cheese Cheesy Mac & Cheese  
Mini Bowl, Chicken & Veggie Chicken & Veggie  
Mini Bowl, Crazy Cartwheels & Meatballs Crazy Cartwheels & Meatballs  
Mini Bowl, Pepperoni Pizzeria Pepperoni Pizzeria  
Natural Select Chicken & Herb  
Natural Select Rice with Garlic & Butter Flavor  
Natural Select Rice, Parmesan & Butter  
Natural Select Rice, Roasted Chicken & Wild  
Natural Whole Grain Brown Rice  
Natural Whole Grain Instant Brown Rice  
Noodle Bowl, Honey Ginger Chicken Honey Ginger Chicken  
Noodle Bowl, Spicy Peanut Chicken Spicy Peanut Chicken  
Noodle Bowl, Thai Style Chicken Thai Style Chicken  
Oriental Fried Rice  
Original Converted Long Grain Whit  
Original Enriched Parboiled Long Grain Rice  
Pasta Bowl, Four Cheese Lasagna with Savory Meat Sauce Four Cheese Lasagna with Savory Meat Sauce  
Pasta Bowl, Garden Vegetable Lasagna Garden Vegetable Lasagna  
Pasta Bowl, Garlic & Herb Chicken Garlic & Herb Chicken  
Pasta Bowl, Parmesan Shrimp Penne Parmesan Shrimp Penne  
Pasta Bowl, Savory Beef Portabello Savory Beef Portabello  
Pasta Bowl, Three Cheese Ravioli Three Cheese Ravioli  
Pasta Bowl, Tomato Sausage Rotini, Mild Tomato Sausage Rotini, Mild  
Pinto Beans & Rice, Southwestern Southwestern  
Premium Rice, Wholegrain Brown  
Quick Cook Premium Long Grain Rice  
Quinoa & Brown Rice with Garlic