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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in UTZ

Name Description Access Level
The Crab Chip The Crab Chip, Family Size  
The Crab Chip  
The Crab Chip Potato Chips  
The Crab Chip Potato Chips  
Thin Pretzels  
Thins Pretzels, Extra  
Toasted Sesame Flavored Pretzels  
Tortilla Chips, Baked Dipping Baked Dipping  
Tortilla Chips, Blue Corn Blue Corn  
Tortilla Chips, Hoops Mix  
Tortilla Chips, Lime Lime  
Tortilla Chips, White Corn White Corn  
Tortilla Chips, Yellow Corn Yellow Corn  
Tortillas, Bite Size Bite Size  
Tortillas, Multigrain Multigrain  
Tortillas, Nacho Cheese Flavored Nacho Cheese Flavored  
Tortillas, Restaurant Style, Big Bag Restaurant Style, Big Bag  
Tortillas, Tortilla Chips, Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, Restaurant Style  
Tortillas, Tortilla, White Corn Tortilla, White Corn  
Tortillas, White Corn, Big Bag White Corn, Big Bag  
Tortillas, Yellow Corn Yellow Corn  
Tortillas, Yellow Corn, Big Bag Yellow Corn, Big Bag  
Twists Pretzels, Honey Wheat  
Unsalted Special Pretzels  
Utz Cheddar Cheese Dip (cup)  
Utz Cheese/Cheese Crackers  
Utz Cheese/Peanut Butter Crackers  
Utz Chocolate Flavored Covered Pretzels  
Utz Halloween Pretzel Treats  
Utz Holiday Shaped Pretzels  
Utz Jalapeno/Cheddar Dip (can)  
Utz Mild Cheddar Dip (can)  
Utz Milk & White Chocolate Flavored Covered Pretzel  
Utz Onion Rings  
Utz Real Chocolate Coated Pretzels  
Utz Salsa Con Queso  
Utz Sour Cream & Onion Dip (can)  
Utz Sour Cream & Onion Dip (cup)  
Utz Sweet Salsa  
Utz Toasty Peanut Butter Crackers  
Utz Wheat/Cheddar Crackers  
Valentine Mickey Shaped Pretzels  
Valentine X and O Shaped Pretzels  
Vegetable Chips, Kettle Cooked, Exotic Medley Kettle Cooked, Exotic Medley  
Veggie Chips Tomato Spinach & Potato Snacks