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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in TullY's Coffee

Name Description Access Level
Sausage, Egg, & Cheese English Muffin BREAKFAST SANDWICHES - Sausage, Egg, & Cheese English Muffin  
Sesame Schwartz Brother's Bakery - BAGELS - Sesame, EACH  
Sesame Bagel  
Sin-dried Tomato Scone  
Snickerdoodle Schwartz Brother's Bakery - COOKIES - Snickerdoodle, EACH  
Sour Cream Walnut Finale's Gourmet Desserts - COFFEE CAKES - Sour Cream Walnut, HALF SLICE  
Sour Cream Walnut Coffee Cake  
Sourdough Roll Schwartz Brother's Bakery - DANISHES & ROLLS - Sourdough Roll  
Spinach Feta Schwartz Brother's Bakery - SAVORY BREAKFAST TARTS - Spinach Feta  
Strawberry Banana - Grande, Iced  
Strawberry Banana - Tall, Iced  
Strawberry Banana - Veinte, Iced  
Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Grande Smoothies - STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIE, GRANDE  
Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Tall Smoothies - STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIE, TALL  
Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Veinte Smoothies - STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIE, VEINTE  
Strawberry Lemon Bar  
Sugar Free Syrup  
Syrup SYRUP - Syrup  
Tea, Brewed - Grande, Hot  
Tea, Brewed - Grande, Iced  
Tea, Brewed - Tall, Hot  
Tea, Brewed - Tall, Iced  
Tea, Brewed - Veinte, Hot  
Tea, Brewed - Veinte, Iced  
The Antioxidant - Grande, Iced  
The Antioxidant - Tall, Iced  
The Antioxidant - Veinte, Iced  
The Antioxidant Smoothie - Grande Smoothies - The Antioxidant Smoothie - Grande  
The Antioxidant Smoothie - Tall Smoothies - The Antioxidant Smoothie - Tall  
The Antioxidant Smoothie - Veinte Smoothies - The Antioxidant Smoothie - Veinte  
Triple Chocolate Quick Bread  
Tully's Chocolate Finale's Gourmet Desserts - CAKES - Tully's Chocolate, ONE SLICE  
Twist Ice Cream/Yogurt - Affogato  
Twist Ice Cream/Yogurt - Cone  
Twist Ice Cream/Yogurt - Dish  
Twist Ice Cream/Yogurt - Shot  
Vanilla Bean Shake - Grande, Iced  
Vanilla Bean Shake - Tall, Iced  
Vanilla Bean Shake - Veinte, Iced  
Vanilla Bean with Oreo Shake - Grande, Iced  
Vanilla Bean with Oreo Shake - Tall, Iced  
Vanilla Bean with Oreo Shake - Veinte, Iced  
Vanilla Ice Cream - Affogato  
Vanilla Ice Cream - Cone