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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Name Description Access Level
Sunny Day - Splenda Low Fat Smoothie Low Fat Smoothies - Sunny Day - Splenda  
Sunny Day Smoothie Low-Fat Smoothies - Sunny Day™  
Sunny Day w/ Splenda Smoothie  
Sunny Day w/ Turbinado Smoothie  
Sunrise Sunset - Splenda Low Fat Smoothie Low Fat Smoothies - Sunrise Sunset - Splenda  
Sunrise Sunset Smoothie Low-Fat Smoothies - Sunrise Sunset™  
Sunrise Sunset w/ Splenda Smoothie  
Sunrise Sunset w/ Turbinado Smoothie  
Thai Chicken Salad  
Thai Chicken Salad Fresh Salads - Thai Chicken™ Salad  
Thai Chicken Wrap Toasted Wraps - Thai Chicken™  
Thai Chicken Wrap  
Thai Chili Steak Taco  
Thai Peanut Dressing  
The Classic - Egg White Ciabatta Ciabatta - The Classic - Egg White  
The Classic Ciabatta Ciabatta - The Classic  
The Classic™ Sandwich - Bacon Breakfast - The Classic™ Sandwich - Bacon  
The Classic™ Sandwich - Ham Breakfast - The Classic™ Sandwich - Ham  
The Classic™ Sandwich - Sausage Breakfast - The Classic™ Sandwich - Sausage  
The Italian Toasted Sandwich Toasted Sandwiches - The Italian  
Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese Breakfast - Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese  
Totally Green Smoothie  
Totally Turkey Wrap Toasted Wraps - Totally Turkey™  
Totally Turkey Wrap  
Toucan Delight w/ Splenda Smoothie  
Toucan Delight w/ Turbinado Smoothie  
Triple Berry Oat Smoothie Smoothies - Triple Berry Oat Smoothie  
Tropi-Colada - Splenda Simply Indulgent Smoothie Simply Indulgent Smoothies - Tropi-Colada - Splenda  
Tropi-colada w/ Splenda Smoothie  
Tropi-colada w/ Turbinado Smoothie  
Tropi-Colada™ Indulgent Smoothies - Tropi-Colada™  
TSC Signature - Salad Fresh Salads - TSC Signature  
Turkey & American Wrap Kids Food Items - Turkey & American Wrap  
Turkey Bacon Ranch Sandwich Toasted Sandwiches - Turkey Bacon Ranch™  
Turkey Guacamole™ Toasted Sandwiches - Turkey Guacamole™  
Tuscan Turkey Sandwich  
Tzatziki Steak Flatbread  
Ultimate Club Sandwich Toasted Sandwiches - Ultimate Club™  
Ultimate Club Sandwich  
Veggie Veggie Toasted Wrap Toasted Wraps - Veggie Veggie  
Veggie Veggie Wrap  
Very Berry Green Tea - Splenda Supercharged Smoothie Supercharged Smoothies - Very Berry Green Tea - Splenda  
Very Berry Green Tea Supercharged Smoothie Supercharged Smoothies - Very Berry Green Tea  
Vitamin B12 Supplement  
Vitamin-C Immune Complex Supplement Supplements - Vitamin C Immune Complex