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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in The Pita Pit

Name Description Access Level
Mayo Sauce  
Meat the Day Bacon & Italian Sausage Pita  
Morning Glory Avocado, Tomato Pita  
Mushrooms Topping  
Onions Topping  
Parmesan Cheese  
Pepperoncinis Topping  
Philly Steak Pita  
Pickles Topping  
Pineapple Topping  
Ranch Sauce  
Roast Beef Pita  
Romaine Lettuce Topping  
Salt & Pepper Topping  
Sausage Scramble Italian Sausage Pita  
Secret spicy vinaigrette Sauce  
Shredded Lettuce Topping  
Sour Cream Sauce  
Teriyaki Sauce  
Tomatoes Topping  
Tuna Pita  
Tuna Pita  
Turkey Pita  
Turkey Pita  
Tzatziki Sauce  
Wheat Pita  
White Pita  
Yellow Mustard