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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in The Melting Pot

Name Description Access Level
Fondue Feast, Mojo  
Fondue Fusion, Bourguignonne  
Fondue Fusion, Coq Au Vin  
Fondue Fusion, Court Bouillon  
Fondue Fusion, Mojo  
French Quarter, Bourguignonne  
French Quarter, Coq Au Vin  
French Quarter, Court Bouillon  
French Quarter, Mojo  
Garlic Dijon Butter  
Garlic Dijon Shrimp  
Ginger Plum Sauce  
Gorgonzola Port Sauce  
Green Goddess  
Hi C Pink Lemonade  
House Salad  
IBC Root Beer  
Land and Sea, Bourguignonne  
Land and Sea, Coq Au Vin  
Land and Sea, Court Bouillon  
Land and Sea, Mojo  
Lobster Indulgence, Bourguignonne  
Lobster Indulgence, Coq Au Vin  
Lobster Indulgence, Court Bouillon  
Lobster Indulgence, Mojo  
Lobster Quesadilla  
Lobster Tail, Add On, Bourguignonne  
Lobster Tail, Add On, Coq Au Vin  
Lobster Tail, Add On, Court Bouillon  
Lobster Tail, Add On, Mojo  
Maryland Style Crab Cake  
Mello Yello  
Milk Chocolate Fondue  
Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Fondue  
Minute Maid Lemonade  
Minute Maid Light Lemonade  
Mr Pibb  
Pacific Rim, Bourguignonne  
Pacific Rim, Coq Au Vin  
Pacific Rim, Court Bouillon  
Pacific Rim, Mojo  
Quatro Formaggio Cheese Fondue with bread bowl  
Raspberry Iced Tea  
Root Beer  
S'mores Chocolate Fondue