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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Taco Cabana

Name Description Access Level
Steak Fajita Soft Taco with Queso & Roasted Jalapeno  
Steak, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco  
Strawberry Topping  
Super Chicken Nachos with Queso, Large NACHOS - Super Chicken Nachos - Large with Queso  
Super Chicken Nachos with Shredded Cheese, Large NACHOS - Super Chicken Nachos - Large with Shredded Cheese  
Sweet Tea, Kid's with Ice  
Sweet Tea, Kid's without Ice  
Sweet Tea, Large with Ice  
Sweet Tea, Large without Ice  
Sweet Tea, Medium with Ice  
Sweet Tea, Medium without Ice  
Sweet Tea, Small with Ice DRINKS - Sweet Tea with Ice  
Sweet Tea, Small without Ice  
Table Corn Tortilla SIDES / ADD-ONS - Table Corn Tortilla  
Tacos-bean and cheese  
Tacos-Black beans  
Tacos-Carne guisada  
Tacos-Crispy beef  
Tacos-Soft chicken  
Tea, Unsweet, Kid's with Ice  
Tea, Unsweet, Large with Ice  
Tea, Unsweet, Medium with Ice  
Tea, Unsweet, Small with Ice  
Tequila Margarita without Salt, Small DRINKS - Tequila Margarita no Salt - Small  
The Works (lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes) SIDES / ADD-ONS - The Works  
Tortilla Chips, Small SIDES / ADD-ONS - Tortilla Chips  
Unsweet Tea, Kid's without Ice  
Unsweet Tea, Large without Ice  
Unsweet Tea, Medium without Ice  
Unsweet Tea, Small without Ice  
Vault, Kid's with Ice  
Vault, Kid's without Ice  
Vault, Large with Ice  
Vault, Large without Ice  
Vault, Medium with Ice  
Vault, Medium without Ice  
Vault, Small with Ice  
Vault, Small without Ice  
Vitaminwater XXX DRINKS - Vitaminwater® XXX