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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Taco Bell

Name Description Access Level
Crunchwrap Supreme  
Crunchwrap Supreme®  
Crunchwrap Supreme® Specialties - Crunchwrap Supreme®  
Crunchy Taco  
Crunchy Taco Tacos - Crunchy Taco  
Crunchy Taco  
Crunchy Taco - Why Pay More!® Menu Why Pay More!® Menu - Crunchy Taco  
Crunchy Taco Supreme  
Crunchy Taco Supreme® Crunchy Taco Supreme®  
Crunchy Taco Supreme®  
Diet Pepsi 16 oz Beverages - Diet Pepsi 16 oz  
Diet Pepsi 20 oz Beverages - Diet Pepsi 20 oz  
Diet Pepsi 30 oz Beverages - Diet Pepsi 30 oz  
Diet Pepsi 40 oz Beverages - Diet Pepsi 40 oz  
Diet Pepsi Large  
Diet Pepsi Medium  
Diet Pepsi small  
Diet Pepsi Xtra Large  
Domestic Beer - Light (16 oz)  
Domestic Beer - Light (16 oz) - LV  
Domestic Beer - Regular (16 oz)  
Domestic Beer - Regular (16 oz) - LV  
Doritos Locos Taco  
Doritos Locos Taco Supreme  
Doritos Locos, Cool Ranch Taco  
Doritos Locos, Cool Ranch Taco Supreme  
Doritos Locos, Nacho Cheese Taco  
Doritos Locos, Nacho Cheese Taco Supreme  
Double Decker Taco  
Double Decker Taco Supreme  
Double Decker® Taco Tacos - Double Decker® Taco  
Double Decker® Taco  
DOUBLE DECKER® Taco Supreme® Tacos - DOUBLE DECKER® Taco Supreme®  
Double Decker® Taco Supreme®  
Double Tostada (regional)  
DoubleDilla - Chicken  
DoubleDilla - Chicken with Chips & Salsa  
DoubleDilla - Steak  
DoubleDilla - Steak with Chips & Salsa  
Dr Pepper 16 oz Beverages - Dr Pepper 16 oz  
Dr Pepper 20 oz Beverages - Dr Pepper 20 oz  
Dr Pepper 30 oz Beverages - Dr Pepper 30 oz  
Dr Pepper 40 oz Beverages - Dr Pepper 40 oz  
Dr. Pepper Large  
Dr. Pepper Medium