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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Snyder's of Hanover

Name Description Access Level
Tortilla Chips, White Corn White Corn  
Tortilla Chips, Whole Grain Whole Grain  
Tortilla Chips, Yellow Corn Yellow Corn  
Tortilla Strips, Flaxseed Gold Flaxseed Gold  
Tortilla Strips, Jalapeno Red Jalapeno Red  
Tortilla Strips, Savory Blue Savory Blue  
Tres Bean Dip  
Unsalted Mini Pretzels  
Unsalted Nibblers, Sourdough Sourdough  
Unsalted Sourdough Hard Pretzels  
Veggie Crisps  
White Cheddar Puffs  
White Chocolate Pretzel Dips  
White Corn Tortillas  
Yellow Corn Tortillas  
Zesty Cheddar Cheddairs