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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Shoney's

Name Description Access Level
Kid's Substitue Sausage Link (2)  
Kid's Substitute Sausage Patty  
Kiwi (chinese Gooseberry)  
Lima Bean  
Loaded Mashed Potatoe, Toppings Only  
Loaded Potato Soup  
Macaroni & Cheese  
Macaroni & Cheese  
Macaroni Salad  
Macaroni Salad  
Mango Smoothie  
Margarine Parkay  
Marinated Cucumbers  
Marinated Mushrooms  
Marinated Tomato & Cucumber Salad  
Mashed Potatoes  
Mashed Potatoes  
Mashed Potatoes W/gravy  
Mashed Potatoes, Gravy Only  
Meatloaf with Glaze  
Mello Yellow  
Mini Strawberry Pie  
Monterey Chicken  
Monterey Jack Cheese  
Mushroom Pasta Salad  
Mushroom Swiss Burger  
Mushroom Swiss Burger  
Mushrooms, Sauteed  
Okra, Breaded  
Okra, Pickled  
Omelet, Add American Cheese  
Omelet, Add Bacon  
Omelet, Add Cheddar Cheese  
Omelet, Add Green Peppers  
Omelet, Add Ham  
Omelet, Add Mushrooms  
Omelet, Add Onions  
Omelet, Add Sausage  
Omelet, Add Spinach  
Omelet, Add Tomatoes