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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Sealtest

Name Description Access Level
1% Low Fat Milk  
1% Lowfat Milk  
1% M.F. Chocolate Milk  
1% M.G. Lait Partiellement Ecreme  
1% Milk Fat  
2% M.F. Milk Partly, Partly Skimmed  
2% Milk  
2% Reduced Fat Milk  
Blend of Milk and Cream for Coffee  
Chocolate Lowfat Milk  
Chocolate Milk  
Chocolate Milk  
Chocolate Milk  
Chocolate Milk, 1% Partly Skimmed  
Chocolate Reduced Fat Milk  
Cottage Cheese, Country Choice  
Country Choice Cottage Cheese  
Fat Free Skim Milk  
Fat-Free Skim Milk  
Half & Half Cream  
Homogenized Milk  
Homogenized Vitamin D Milk  
Light Egg Nog  
Light Egg Nog  
Milk, 1% Partly Skim  
Milk, 2% Milkfat  
Milk, 2% Partly Skimmed  
Milk, 2% Reduced Fat  
Milk, 2% Reduced Fat  
Milk, 2% Reduced Fat  
Milk, Chocolate  
Milk, Chocolate  
Milk, Fat Free Skim  
Reduced Fat Milk, 2% Milkfat 2% Milkfat  
Salted Butter  
Skim Milk, Fat Free  
Sour Cream  
Sour Cream  
Sour Cream, 14% Mf  
Sour Cream, Light  
Traditional Holiday Egg Nog