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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Romano's Macaroni Grill

Name Description Access Level
Half Roasted Turkey Combinations  
Homemade Chocolate Cake  
Honey Balsamic Chicken, Dinner  
Honey Balsamic Chicken, Lunch  
Honey Mustard Dressing  
Insalata Blu  
Insalata Blu Reduced Portion  
Insalata Blu Reduced Portion  
Insalata Blu with Chicken  
Insalata Blu with Steak  
Italian Dressing  
Italian Mojito Alcoholic Beverages  
Italian Pulled Pork Sandwich  
Italian Sausage Create Your Own Pasta  
Italian Sausage & Potatoes  
Italian Sausage Pizza Pizzas and Flatbreads  
Italian Sorbetto w/ Biscotti  
Kids Caesar Salad  
Kids Chicken Tenders with Broccolini  
Kids Chicken Tenders with Fries  
Kids Chicken Tenders with Salad  
Kids Double Macaroni & Cheese  
Kids Fettuccine Alfredo  
Kids Fresh Green Salad  
Kids Gelato, Vanilla  
Kids Grilled Chicken  
Kids Macaroni & Cheese  
Kids Pepperoni Pizza  
Kids Ravioli  
Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs with Pomodoro Sauce  
Kids Spaghetti with Meat Sauce  
Kids Spaghetti with Pomodoro Sauce  
Lasagna Bolognese  
Lasagna Bolognese Classics  
Layers of Lasagna, Dinner  
Layers of Lasagna, Lunch  
Lemon Passion Dolce  
Lemon Passion  
Lemon Passion  
Lentil Soup Pantry  
Light Beer - 12 Ounces Alcoholic Beverages  
Limonata Nojito Senza  
Lobster Ravioli  
Lobster Ravioli Classics