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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Rice A Roni

Name Description Access Level
Rice Mix, Whole Grains, Spanish as pkgd  
Rice Pilaf  
Rice Pilaf Mix as pkgd  
Rice Pilaf, Family Size Family Size  
Rice Side, Beef Flavor, Family Size Beef Flavor, Family Size  
Rice, Beef Flavor Beef Flavor  
Rice, Chicken & Broccoli Flavor Chicken & Broccoli Flavor  
Rice, Chicken & Garlic Flavor Chicken & Garlic Flavor  
Rice, Chicken & Herb Classico Chicken & Herb Classico  
Rice, Chicken & Mushroom Flavor Chicken & Mushroom Flavor  
Rice, Chicken Flavor Chicken Flavor  
Rice, Chicken Flavor, Big Box Chicken Flavor, Big Box  
Rice, Chicken Flavor, Pantry Pack Chicken Flavor, Pantry Pack  
Rice, Italian Creamy Garlic Flavor Italian Creamy Garlic Flavor  
Rice, Parmesan Chicken Flavor Parmesan Chicken Flavor  
Rice, Roasted Garlic Italiano Roasted Garlic Italiano  
Simmering Suppers, Homestyle Chicken, with Garlic & Butter Rotini with Garlic & Butter Rotini  
Spanish Rice  
Spanish Rice & Vermicelli Mix, with Spanish Style Seasonings with Spanish Style Seasonings  
Whole Grain Blends, Spanish Spanish