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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Reese

Name Description Access Level
Cheesoning, Cheese Flavored Seasoning Cheese Flavored Seasoning  
Clam Juice  
Clams, Baby, Whole Baby, Whole  
Clams, Cherrystone Cherrystone  
Clams, Sea Tender Minced 6.5 Oz Sea Tender Minced 6.5 Oz  
Clams, Smoked Baby 3.66 Oz Smoked Baby 3.66 Oz  
Clams, Whole Baby 10 Oz Whole Baby 10 Oz  
Cocktail Artichokes, Marinated Marinated  
Cocktail Artichokes, Original Original  
Cocktail Onions, Sour  
Cocktail Sauce  
Cocktail Sauce, Shrimp & Seafood, Zesty Shrimp & Seafood, Zesty  
Colossal Smoked Oysters Colossal  
Cooking Wine  
Cooking Wine, Burgundy Burgundy  
Cooking Wine, Chablis Chablis  
Cooking Wine, Marsala Marsala  
Cooking Wine, Premium, Cabernet Premium, Cabernet  
Cooking Wine, Premium, Chardonnay Premium, Chardonnay  
Cooking Wine, Premium, Merlot Premium, Merlot  
Cooking Wine, Red Red  
Cooking Wine, Sauterne Sauterne  
Cooking Wine, Sauterne 12.7 Oz Sauterne 12.7 Oz  
Cooking Wine, Vintage Burgundy 12.7 Fl Oz Vintage Burgundy 12.7 Fl Oz  
Cooking Wine, White White  
Crab Meat, 15% Leg 15% Leg  
Crab Meat, 15% Leg 15% Leg  
Crab Meat, All White All White  
Crab Meat, All White 4.25 Oz All White 4.25 Oz  
Crab Meat, Lump Style Lump Style  
Crisp Toast, Light, Original Light, Original  
Croutons, Caesar 5 Oz Caesar 5 Oz  
Croutons, Caesar, Premium Large Cut Caesar, Premium Large Cut  
Croutons, Cheddar Cheese 6 Oz Cheddar Cheese 6 Oz  
Croutons, Crotons, Premium, Toasted Crotons, Premium, Toasted  
Croutons, Garlic & Cheese Garlic & Cheese  
Croutons, Italian Herb 5 Oz Italian Herb 5 Oz  
Croutons, Onion & Garlic 6 Oz Onion & Garlic 6 Oz  
Croutons, Whole Grain, Garlic & Cheese Whole Grain, Garlic & Cheese  
Croutons, Whole Grain, Italian Herb Whole Grain, Italian Herb  
Duck Sauce, Plum Plum  
Extra Tiny Carrots, Cut and Whole Cut and Whole  
Fancy Sardines  
Fancy Sliced Bamboo Shoots Fancy Sliced  
Filets of Anchovies, in Olive Oil in Olive Oil