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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Reese

Name Description Access Level
100% Pure Maple 8 Oz, Syrup Syrup  
15% Leg Crab Meat  
Anchovies, Rolled Fillets 2 Oz Rolled Fillets 2 Oz  
Anchovy Paste  
Apple Butter Spread  
Artichoke Bottoms  
Artichoke Hearts 5-7 Large Size  
Artichoke Hearts  
Artichoke Hearts  
Artichoke Hearts  
Artichoke Hearts, 8-10 Small Size 8-10 Small Size  
Artichoke Hearts, Canned w/liquid  
Artichoke Hearts, Extra Small Size Extra Small Size  
Artichoke Hearts, Grilled Marinated Grilled Marinated  
Artichoke Hearts, Medium Size Medium Size  
Artichoke Hearts, Petite Petite  
Artichoke Hearts, Quartered, Marinated Quartered, Marinated  
Artichoke Salad, Quartered, Marinated Quartered, Marinated  
Artichoke, Petite Hearts 7 Oz Petite Hearts 7 Oz  
Artichokes, Marinated 9.9 Oz Marinated 9.9 Oz  
Asparagus Spears, All White Peeled All White Peeled  
Asparagus Spears, Grilled Marinated Grilled Marinated  
Asparagus Spears, Imported, All White Peeled Imported, All White Peeled  
Baby Carrots, Extra Tiny Extra Tiny  
Baby Clams, Smoked Smoked  
Baby Corn on the Cob, Whole Spears Whole Spears  
Bearnaise Sauce  
Bell Peppers, Roasted Roasted  
Brisling Sardines, . Lightly Smoked in Garlic Sauce . Lightly Smoked in Garlic Sauce  
Brown & Wild Rice Blend  
Caesar Salad Premium Croutons Premium, Caesar Salad  
Calamares, Squid Pieces 4 Oz Squid Pieces 4 Oz  
Cannonball Olives  
Cannonball Olives, Plain Plain  
Capers, Capote Capote  
Capers, in Balsamic Vinegar, Non Pareil in Balsamic Vinegar, Non Pareil  
Capers, Non Pareil 3.5 Oz Non Pareil 3.5 Oz  
Carrot, Baby, Canned extra tiny  
Cheddar Cheese Premium Croutons Cheddar Cheese  
Cheesoning, Cheese Flavored Seasoning Cheese Flavored Seasoning  
Clam Juice  
Clams, Baby, Whole Baby, Whole  
Clams, Cherrystone Cherrystone  
Clams, Sea Tender Minced 6.5 Oz Sea Tender Minced 6.5 Oz  
Clams, Smoked Baby 3.66 Oz Smoked Baby 3.66 Oz