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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Red Baron

Name Description Access Level
4 Cheese Pizza Classic Crust, 4 Cheese  
Bacon Lovers Pizza, Thin & Crispy Crust  
Bacon Scrambles  
Bacon Scrambles  
BBQ Style Chicken Pizza  
Biscuit-Style Bacon Scrambles Biscuit-Style, Bacon  
Breakfast Singles, Ham Scramble  
Brick Oven Crust, Cheese Pizza  
Brick Oven Crust, Pepperoni Pizza  
Brick Oven Crust, Sausage Supreme  
Cheese Pizza, Minis Deep Dish  
Cheese-Trio Pizza  
Chicken Alfredo  
Chicken Alfredo  
Chicken Carbonara  
Chipotle Chicken Pizza  
Classic Canadian Style Bacon Pizza  
Classic Crust Pepperoni Pizza Classic Crust, Pepperoni  
Classic Crust Pizza, Supreme  
Classic Crust Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza Classic Crust, Sausage & Pepperoni  
Classic Crust Supreme Pizza Classic Crust, Supreme  
Classic Mexican Style Supreme Pizza  
Deep Dish Pizza Singles, Meat Trio  
Deep Dish Pizza Singles, Supreme Pizza  
Deep Dish Pizza, Pepperoni  
Deep Dish Singles, Pizza with Reduced Fat Pepperoni  
Deep Dish Singles, Supreme Pizza  
Deepdish Singles, Four Cheese Pizza  
Deli Pouches, 2 Bacon Cheeseburger  
Deli Pouches, Beef & Cheddar  
Deli Pouches, Chicken Fajita  
Deli Pouches, Italian Style Meatball  
Fire Baked 4-Cheese Pizza Fire Baked, 4-Cheese  
Flatbread Melts, Chicken Parmesan Chicken Parmesan  
Flatbread Melts, Ham & Turkey Club Ham & Turkey Club  
Flatbread Melts, Meat Trio Meat Trio  
Flatbread Melts, Steak Fajita Steak Fajita  
Four Cheese Pizza  
Four Cheese Pizza  
French Bread Panini, Beef Steak & Cheese Beef Steak & Cheese  
French Bread Panini, Chicken Bacon Ranch Chicken Bacon Ranch  
French Bread Panini, Southwest Chicken Southwest Chicken  
French Bread Panini, Turkey Club Turkey Club  
French Bread Singles  
French Bread, Pepperoni Pizzas, Value Pack Pepperoni Pizzas, Value Pack