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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Pizza Hut

Name Description Access Level
Buffalo Mild - Traditional Wings WINGS - Buffalo Mild - Traditional Wings  
Buffalo Mild Bone-Out Wing  
Buffalo Mild Sauce (per 1 Bone Out Wing)  
Buffalo Mild Sauce (per 1 Traditional Wing)  
Buffalo Mild Traditional Bone-In Wing  
Buffalo Ranch Dipping Sauce (3 oz) (Limited Time)  
Buffalo State of Mind™ - Hand Tossed Slice (Buffet)  
Buffalo State of Mind™ - Large Garlic Knots Slice (Limited Time)  
Busch Light  
Caesar Dressing Cup (Side Salad)  
Caesar Salad - Individual  
Caesar Salad - Serves 5-6  
Cajun Rub - Bone Out Wing (each)  
Cajun Rub - Traditional Bone-In Wing (each)  
Cajun-Style Rub (per 1 Bone Out Wing)  
Cajun-Style Rub (per 1 Traditional Wing)  
Cavatini Meat Lover's w/ Garlic Bread  
Cavatini Meat Sauce w/ Garlic Bread  
Cavatini Supreme (whole pan)  
Cavatini Supreme w/ Garlic Bread  
Cavatini Veggie Lover's w/ Garlic Bread  
Celery Sticks (6) w/ Ranch Dressing Cup  
Cheese & Mushroom - 18 inch Slice  
Cheese - 18 inch Slice  
Cheese - Big New Yorker Slice  
Cheese - Express Personal Pan Pizza  
Cheese - Heart Shape Pizza  
Cheese - Large Cheesy Bites Slice (Limited Time)  
Cheese - Large Garlic Knots Slice (Limited Time)  
Cheese - Large Hand Tossed Slice  
Cheese - Large Mozzarella Poppers Slice (Limited Time)  
Cheese - Large New Original Pan Slice  
Cheese - Large Original Pan Slice  
Cheese - Large Original Stuffed Crust Slice  
Cheese - Large Thin 'N Crispy Slice  
Cheese - Large Ultimate Cheesy Crust Slice (Limited Time)  
Cheese - Medium Hand Tossed Slice  
Cheese - Medium New Original Pan Slice  
Cheese - Medium Original Pan Slice  
Cheese - Medium Thin 'N Crispy Slice  
Cheese - Personal Pan Pizza Slice  
Cheese - Rectangle Slice  
Cheese - Skinny Slice  
Cheese - Small Express Hand Tossed Pizza  
Cheese - Small Express Thin 'N Crispy Pizza