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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Pillsbury

Name Description Access Level
Peppermint Chocolate Chip  
Peppermint Sugar Cookies  
Peppermint Sugar Cookies  
Perfectly Pumpkin Cake Mix  
Perfectly Pumpkin Premium Cookie Mix Premium Perfectly Pumpkin  
Pie Crust refrigerated  
Pie Crust Mix  
Pie Crust, Deep Dish 'Pet-Ritz'  
Pie Crust, Deep Dish, All Vegetable 'Pet-Ritz'  
Pie Crust, Just Unroll!  
Pie Crust, Regular 'Pet-Ritz'  
Pie Crusts  
Pie Crusts  
Pie Crusts  
Pie Crusts  
Pie Crusts  
Pie Crusts, 2-Deep Dish 2-Deep Dish  
Pie Crusts, All Vegetable, Deep Dish All Vegetable, Deep Dish  
Pie Crusts, Regular Regular  
Pizza Crust 'Classic'  
Pizza Crust  
Pizza Crust, Artisan, with Whole Grain Artisan, with Whole Grain  
Pizza Crust, Classic Classic  
Pizza Crust, Thin Thin  
Pizza Minis Deluxe  
Pizza Minis, Pepperoni + Bacon  
Pizza Minis, Pepperoni + Bacon  
Pizza Pops  
Pizza Pops  
Pizza Pops, Deluxe  
Pizza Pops, Pepperoni  
Pizza Pops, Pepperoni  
Pizza Pops, Pepperoni  
Pizza Pops, Pepperoni Bacon  
Pizza Pops, Three Cheese  
Pizza Pops, Three Cheese, Pizza Snacks  
Pizza Pops, Three Meat  
Pre-Cut Mini Pumpkin Shaped Sugar Cookies  
Pre-Cut Shape Sugar Cookies, Minions  
Premium Brownie Mix, Caramel Swirl Caramel Swirl  
Premium Brownie Mix, Chocolate Chunk Chocolate Chunk  
Premium Brownie Mix, Chocolate Extreme Chocolate Extreme  
Premium Brownie Mix, Chocolate Frosted Chocolate Frosted  
Premium Brownie Mix, Double Chocolate Double Chocolate